S.Friz Art on Demand

S.Friz Art on Demand


About me.....

Me and My Husky Painting
Me and My Husky Painting

 ~ Unlike other Artists, I am a logical person. I create what people like. I didn't have a troubled enough past I suppose, to paint any anguished, heart wrenching images. I respect those people putting those emotions out there to be judged. Here's to you, emotional artists!

~ The emotion I put into my work? Mostly humor. I'm happiest when I am giggling along at the piece I'm making.

~ I love glitter. Please commission me to do something shiny and sparkly. 

~ I have purple hair (at the moment) because I love the color purple. My mother is still in shock, and cannot understand why I "would do that to my hair".

~ I don't follow any of the rules of fashion that a woman my age should.

~ The word most often used to describe me? Creative. I'll take it.

~ I used to teach Middle School Art. Very sweet, confusing and hormonal age. I grew to love them, and they give me some of my best reviews! 

~ I dated another artist once, and I felt very competitive with him, it didn't work like I thought it would. I am now married to a musician. It works.

~ I have two amazing boys, and they refuse to be sparkly with me. 

~ My most used model is Frankie Sinatra. Because he’s our dog and he’s the cutest, and adopted from Agape!

~ The first thing I do when I move to a new house is arrange my art collection, and decide furniture and colors from there. Art affects how you feel when you look at your walls, in the house that you live in, everyday. Let me help you with making your space happy.